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Hi! I'm Gen,

I’m here to inspire you to break free from your comfort zone, dive into new experiences, and uncover the mysteries of the world. For the past decade, I’ve been passionately dedicated to my career in instructing extreme sports, sharing my expertise across the globe.

From tropical beaches to rugged mountains, I've lived around the world, honing my skills to become a top-notch instructor in:

Kitesurfing (IKO Level 2)

Freediving (AIDA Instructor)

Rock Climbing (Alpineverein Akademie)

Yoga (300hrs Vinyasa)

So let's choose your next adventure?

As an AIDA freediving instructor, I'm passionate about connecting you to the water to recognise your potential beneath its surface. By creating a safe and supportive environment, you will learn, grow, and unleash your inner freediving abilities.

A Level 2 IKO kitesurf instructor, teaching since 2018. Instructing worldwide, managing kiteschools and hosting retreats. I've explored beautiful locations and shared my skills with enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. 

Co-founder of Women in the Wadi, an organisation that facilitates empowering events, retreats, trips and courses in Dahab and beyond. We're committed to helping you tackle your challenges and soar to new heights!

Muay Thai is a dynamic tool for enhancing strength, flexibility, and mental focus. Attend my weekly group and private sessions to feel these benefits!

A certified Vinyasa and YIN yoga instructor since 2020. Sharing my practice as a powerful tool to not only transform the physical body, but also our mental state, fostering a sense of peace and balance within ourselves to compliment every lifestyle and sport. 

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Gen was a great teacher. She adapted extremely well to my learning pace and was able to explain everything really well. Absolutely recommendable! I will take further courses with her again.


 I'm autistic & ADHD, so I was looking for someone who has a lot of patience. Even as a very anxious diver, I felt very seen & safe with Gen. I developed confidence way faster than expected with her & I'm excited to continue my training! 


Wanted to give kitesurfing a try, found her, and then got HOOKED! She explains everything super clear, goes at the right pace, always safety first, and even after the first couple hours felt very comfortable already.


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